Phaser FPV Ultimate Taranis X9D 2.2 Set Up Guide

Posted on March 05 2017

Welcome to our latest guide on Taranis 2.2
We have updated our models and sound pack to be compatible and will keep this page updated as new versions come out in the next few months.
The major feature of 2.2 is beta flight changes are now possible on your taranis screen when using 2.2
This guide is not meant for beginners, it assumes you have used Companion before and our familiar with your Taranis
  1. Download latest Companion 2.2 here
  2. Download Phaser FPV Latest sound pack here
  3. Download latest Phaser FPV Model pack here
  4. Download Phaser FPV Splash Screen here
  5. Unzip Phaser FPV Latest sound pack and extract it onto your taranis SD card and override all files.
  6. Open Companion 2.2 that you have just installed and goto settings and tick these two options
  7. Then download the latest firmware
  8. Install firmware on to your Taranis by clicking the write firmware button
  9. Install Our Phaser FPV Models if you require, you can open, then copy and paste them to your taranis, then write to it. If you use our models all switches will have sounds etc already setup.
  10. Now you need to set up your telemetry screen so it shows the data and you are able to edit it. Goto page 13 on your taranis and set it up as below so you have the script on one page.
  11. Now on your main Taranis screen hold down PAGE, then click page once to goto screen two and you should have your PID values (if using the script on page 2)

    Change PID Settings

    • Store or Reload values - Long Press MENU button

    • Switch screens - Short Press MENU button

    • Navigate between values - "+" & "-" buttons

    • EDIT value - Press ENTER


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