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What is the difference between 2204 vs 2205 vs 2206 vs 2306 vs 2307

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Motors come in various shapes and sizes and this guide is to show you the differences.

These are the three important numbers you need to pay attention to.

2206 2300kv
22 refers to width/size of the motor
06 refers to height
2300kv refers to speed (times per volt and you get rpm)

Typically, mini quad motors (in terms of sizes) are from 1804 through to 2412 (the most common sizes are 1806, 2204, 2206, 2306).

The higher the height, eg. 06 also means it has a longer stator which means more copper and more copper means more resistance and more resistance means more amps and more amps means more prop and more prop means more thrust!

To put it simply, the taller stator the more power at higher RPM, while the wider stator the more torque at lower RPM.

The kv vary, but “generally” good numbers to aim for are between 2000kv-2500kv.It is good to look at Thrust tests to see how each motor perform on which propeller.

Lower KV motors also let you pull more amps than higher KV motors because they have more copper

See this below document as a guide.

Thrust Results

More reading available on Oscars blog here

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