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InMotion V11 Specifications

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Inmotion V11 Specifications

  • Net Weight - 27kg
  • Range - 120km
  • Max Speed - 50km/h
  • MAx Climb Angle - 35 Degrees
  • Max Rider Limit - 120km Inmotion V11
  • Charging Time - 10 Hours or 5 hours with dual charger.
  • Motor Power - 2000W
  • Battery - 84V @ 1420WH
  • Tyre Size - 18 Inches
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • IPS55 Water Rating
  • Distance between footboard and ground - 3.55 - 6.3 inches

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One thought on “InMotion V11 Specifications

  1. avatar Steve Altazin says:

    I do not hurt the suspension system, it will be necessary to see at the reverse system of the gyrror, feel the road with its legs are legs, to be in direct contact. , it will be confusing at first and I imagine that we will do it, the rest of the equipment is amazing for security (lighting) and the price is I find super continuous, I hope they thought of a system of adjustment on the shock absorber to adapt according to the weight or

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