Its a complex question and an important one. We break it down for you in each state below. Please do your own research and look into the laws for your indivdual state.

Australian laws have not kept up to date with the latest technology. When mobility scooters first became popular they were illegal to use for many years until leglisation bylaws allowed for them.

This is the same for electric skateboardsEUC, Onewheels and other electric vehciles.  Anything over 250w is only to be ridden on private property and fines can be issued for riding them on the road and footpaths except in in approved states below.

Is there any hope for the states not approved? YES! 
NTC (National Transport Commission) is currently proposing to parliament in updating the regulations so all states are approved for small electric vehicle transport. Please visit the current timeline here.

JULY 2020

The NTC team are currently finalising recommendations for Ministers on the PMD policy framework for inclusion in the Australian Road Rules.

The process the NTC undertakes is to establish model law. I tis then up to each jurisdiction to enact the legislation in their own parliament. Timing is normally dependent on their parliamentary agenda.

November 2020

We anticipate that this matter will be included on the November 2020 Transport and Infrastructure Council agenda, if it successfully passes consideration by the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials Committee.

If it is successfully passes then each national model legislation needs to be drafted and then draft legislation in each state jurisdiction (who doesn’t already have legislation in place) needs to get onto parliament agendas across the country which is not always easy as you have to navigate elections/caretaker periods, Ministerial priorities etc.

Our best estimate taking into the above considerartions of lawful riding is currently June 2021


QLD - Approved. Regulation is stated here.
Canberra - Approved- Approved from 20th December.


By not approved we mean anything over 250w is only to be ridden on private property and fines can be issued for riding them on the road and footpaths.
SA -
WA -
NT -

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