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KD Lipo 1300mAh 4s 100c GOLD Edition Battery


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WARNING -  Please read our battery warranty, safety information and transit times before purchasing.


  • Size: 1300mAh
  • Voltage: 4S 14.8V
  • XT60 Connector
  • Max Charge Rate 1C - We advise to always charge at 1C no matter what manufacturers specify.
  • Weight: 180g
  • Pack Size 30x35x86mm

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Who is KD LIPO?

Backed by the large BoltPower group KDlipo is one of 7 subsidiary companies that inherit the resources from BoltPower making them the leading lithium battery manufacturer in terms of technology, chemical blends, manufacturing processes and quality control.

KDlipo specialise in stable high rate discharge batteries. KDlipo has over 8 years’ experience in producing batteries for the best Heli Pilots around the world and has now started a focus on the FPV market. 

Why Should I choose KD LIPO?

We went searching for a new brand to bring to Australia and after much testing, we found these had the following characteristics

  • Matched performance of other top-tier batteries such as the Tattu R-line
  • Better longevity with many recycles before packs started being exhausted.
  • Very high-quality control as per below
  • Good form factors with decent impact resistance.  



Lithium batteries are very different in the way they work from conventional batteries. Lithium batteries do not change structure and there is no decomposition in material structure to create power. The electron flow is created by the physical movement ions from the positive to the negative electrode. 

Each recycle will see a flow of lithium metallic ions move from one electrode to another and back again during the charge cycle. Naturally, not 100% recovery will occur therefore capacity loss occurs upon every cycle. 

Heat is always generated from the movement of ions which need to pass through the electrode layers and electrolyte. Impurities and lack of ion density will cause heat build-up due to resistance and damage the cell structure and degrade the electrodes. 


Unfortunately, not all lipo’s are manufactured the same way, some lipo batteries seem to be more reliable and perform better than others yet the packaging and look may appear to be virtually the same, so why is that so?   

There are three main factors for this and it’s the quality of raw material, chemical blends, and the actual manufacturing process. Performance, reliability, and quality can vary significantly when those three factors are compromised. 

The lithium battery industry is very competitive, manufacturers want to make cheaper cells and the only way is by compromising the three main factors delivering underperforming, unreliable and sometimes even dangerous product to the market.

KDlipo uses a long-term proven 3 stage manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality, performance and reliability is delivered to the customer. 

Stage 1

Electrode manufacturing, important factors include;

  1. Purity of cathode material
  2. Conductivity of electrode substrate
  3. Consistency in the thickness of the electrode 

Stage 2

Physical construction, cells are assembled by a combination of machine and hand, important factors include;

  1. No moisture, dust or external partials within the structure
  2. Separator strength
  3. Volume of electrolyte 

Stage 3

The final stage (formation) is done by cycling the cells to determine capacity and internal resistance. Each cell is aged for 72Hours then cycled again. Results determine two factors, pass or fail depending on the product grade tolerance. 

After the formation stage is complete the cells undergo an internal resistance and matching process to most closely align cells to be assembled into packs. Each cell in each pack have closely matching tolerances to ensure the charge and discharge cycles remain constant within the cells. 

The cells are then assembled by hand into packs and discharge/balance leads and connectors are soldered into the pack as is the external shrink wrap. 

Each pack is now aged another 24 hours and then again checked for combined capacity and internal resistance, again if the now assembled packs do not meet the stringent factory tolerances they are discarded. KDlipo does not deliver second-grade products. Only batteries that complete the whole process successfully are packed into the retail packaging and shipped to its distributors worldwide. 

Quite simply this is why KDlipo and Boltpower have an industry advantage which is proven by their formidable client base and many years of industry experience. This is why when you use a KDlipo product you can be assured high performance and reliability time and time again.






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