Callum Macdermid

What Is Your Instagram/Youtube?
Instagram is cj_macdiddy. Its a combination of drones and my droid build. 
Youtube is Callum Macdermid. Isn't much there but will be adding to it soon.
What is your Pilot Name and why?
 "Quackers". The name comes from the nickname Ducky in the early years of high school. 
What are 2 products in FPV you think are underrated?
Product 1: TS100 Soldering Iron
I've only just started using this iron but holy cow is it amazing! The size and form factor make it a great portable iron!
Product 2:  TSB Crossfire System
After only owning the Micro TX for a couple of months now,  this system has been rock solid and so simple to flash firmware and adjust settings on. It's perfect.

Why I got into quads
I started building and flying quads back in 2013 after years of playing with toy rc planes. It was only in 2015 that I saved up enough to get into FPV and I've loved it ever since.
What I like about the hobby?
I love that this hobby is constantly evolving, especially on the electronic side with smaller, more powerful products being released almost every 6 months which makes building these machines so much easier.
Gear I Use/Take to the Field:
- MIP Drivers
- QX7 (Black)
- Turnigy Transmitter Case
- Fatshark Attitude V2
Quad 1: Ummagawd Remix
Frame - Ummagawd Remix 5"
Motors - HypeTrain Ummagawd Motors
ESC - Hobbywing 4in1
FC - Hobbywing F4
Camera - Runcam Swift 2
VTX - TBS Unify Pro HV
Props - HQ 5.5x4x3V1S Tri
RX - FrSky R-XSR
Antenna - Luminer AXII Stubby
Quad 2: Japalura LOS Quad
Frame - Armattan Japalura 3"
Motors - Tornado T1 1407 3600kv
ESC & FC - Kiss CC AIO 16amp
RX - FrSky XSR-M
Props - RotorX 3040