Clifford Wakeman

What is your Pilot name?

Riff - It was a schoolyard nickname from many moons ago and just stuck

What is your Instagram/YouTube?


How Did You Get Into Quads?

Got into quads from large-scale fixed wing because it's a more personal flying experience and fits in a backpack. When I am flying I forget about my body, it feels like I am in my quad. Freedom of flight was a childhood dream.

What Is The Best Thing About FPV

You're flying! Zero risk, depending on who you fly with. Road trips and friendships as well as an awesome community.

What are two products that you think are underrated/make life easier in FPV?

Your local store, support them and bathe in the awesome products and support they can provide. Field battery! A big fat 6S brick that keeps you charging batts and flying all day.