Shanan Reynaud

What is your Pilot Name?
Shanan, makes sense right?
What is your Instagram/Youtube?
I don't have an Instagram, but some of my flying can be seen on Phaser FPV's YouTube channel.
Why Did You Get Into Quads?
I was very interested in the mechanics, operation and programming of drones and creating unique flying machines, as well as the social aspect of the hobby.
What are 2 underrated FPV products?
Product 1:
A good backpack is essential, the ability to take all my gear with me in a convenient, protected form factor is a must for me.
Product 2:
A good soldering iron is also essential, buy a good one, and practice soldering and it will solve many problems for you.
What Is The Best Thing About FPV?
The freedom to explore both your environment and unique setups/hardware
Gear I Use/Take to the Field:
- MIP Drivers
- Miniware iron and cordless screwdriver
- Betaflight backpack
- Horus X10s with Crossfire
- Fatshark HDO

Quad 1:
Frame - BoltRC Kraken
Motors - F60 1750kv
ESC - Aikon32 4in1
FC - Brain Radix
Camera - Foxeer predator
VTX - TBS Unify Pro 5v
Props - Gemfan 6042
RX - CRSF nano
Antenna - Luminer AXII

Quad 2: 
Frame - Sigma (custom frame)
Motors - Emax RS 2206 1900KV
ESC - Spedix GS40 4 in 1
FC - Brain Radix
Props - 5552 Gemfans

TBS Caipirinha 2
Stock with Brain Radix running INAV
AR Wing
F80 with 7042 Running Brain Radix with INAV