Steeze Lights

We took lighting on electric PEV vehicles to another level! We tested over 20 torches, multiple 3d mount designs, and here is the creation, STEEZE Lights! - Steeze means ‘style’ with ‘ease’.

The Steeze Mounting system is now compatible with many electric vehicles and we are increasing our compatibility each month.

Steeze is now compatible with

  • Onewheel
  • Gopro Mounts
  • Transzite Electric Skateboard
  • Tranzite Cross Country Electric Skateboard
  • Evolve GTR Skateboards

The Torch we chose is aircraft-grade aluminum, can withstand the toughest crashes, uses a single 18650, has a magnetic end cap with light power adjustability.

    To complete the Steeze complete package you need the following

    1x Steeze Mount (for your vehicle)
    1x EMISAR D4V2 SST-20 Torch for each mount
    1x 18650 3000mAh 35a or 1x 18650 3500mah
    1x 18650 Charger (to charge your batteries)