Are you looking to hire an Electric Skateboard in NSW Australia?

Hire / Demo Prices

  • 30 Minutes - At our store or down the road - FREE!
  • $100 / 24 Hours
  • $200 / 3 Days / 72 Hours
  • $300 / 1 week
  • $900 / 1 Month

If Phaser FPV is not open on the return date, the Item must be returned by 10am the next business day.

Up to $200 can be credited towards a purchase of a similar make/model over $1500 from Phaser FPV if you hire from us!

How do I hire?

Please book by singing the waiver and selecting your required dates and then email us to let us know you have completed it -

We will confirm your booking via email and upon arrival date we will get you to fill in a condition report and give you an overview of the Onewheel.

Any further questions please email or call us. 

Check out our F.A.Q. before you dive in!