We talk to lots of people who want to start flying but find it hard to know where to begin. So we've made step by step guides, based around the budget you want to spend and how hands-on you're keen to get. 

These will tell you exactly what to buy and how to get started.

Level 1 - Cheap and fun. Mini drone under $200 and less than 10 minutes set up. 
A great place to start, super fun indoors or in low wind conditions. Very easy to get set up, safe, durable, and no experience necessary. This makes a great gift or first drone to get a feel for flying FPV (first person view). Downside is that this drone is not suited to outdoor FPV Drone racing circuits and can't really be upgraded in the future. 

Level 2 - Start Racing. Pre-built basic racing drone. About $700 - $950 and about an hour to set up.
A very versatile drone, suitable for anything from outdoor FPV racing to freestyling and park cruising. Decent parts for the price, and almost all the parts can be upgraded at a later stage as you learn and develop. This one comes almost totally pre-built, so no experience necessary, allowing you to start learning the ropes and having fun quickly. 

Level 3 - I want a challenge! Build your own racing drone. About $700 - $950 and about 1 day to get going. 
We'll point you in the direction of some sweet parts and how to guides that will get you building yourself an awesome racer. This is the most fun, but you have to be willing to learn some new things like soldering and customising your drone's software. 

Still got questions?

If you still have any questions, we'd love to hear from you whether by email, facebook, or even just a quick phone call to the shop. We pride ourselves on being one of the few stores where you can call and talk to a real and passionate drone expert instantly.