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Slice Engineering The Mosquito Hotend


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Why buy Slice Engineering products from Phaser FPV?

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  • We know and use Slice Engineering products in our Prusa printer farm!

Superior heat break performance
Increased structural rigidity
Larger temperature operating range
Modular/adaptable to almost any FFF/FDM printer
Ideal for multi-extrusion systems

Kit Includes:

  • Mosquito Hotend™
  • Mosquito Hotend™ Mounting Hardware
  • Set of Mosquito Hotend™ hex keys for assembly, disassembly and mounting
  • Super tasty US-made gourmet lollipops

We highly recommend the use of BN paste with the Mosquito to provide good thermal conductivity between the hotend and heater/thermistor.

Seasoned hobbyists, innovators, and creators take it in stride when they’re struck with a vision of what they could build. Especially when they know that with The Mosquito Hotend™, their 3D printer can deliver the highest resolution and take on engineering-grade plastics that other desktop printers can’t come close to. With minimal layer lines and extreme precision, your vision is about to become reality. A beautiful reality.

By engineering-grade plastics, we’re talking printing at temperatures up to 450°c. That means you can print car parts, medical devices, and whatever else you can dream up, and you don’t have to buy an over-sized (and overpriced) printer to do the job.

How did we accomplish this?

By re-imagining how a hotend is designed and structured from the ground up. The materials in each part of The Mosquito Hotend™ have been hand selected to perform a specific task to optimize your printer’s performance with three goals in mind: lightning speed, beautiful resolution, and increased durability.

The Mosquito Hotend™ is adaptable to virtually any printer, so by swapping one component, you gain the high performance benefits of a printer worth thousands more. Since The Mosquito Hotend™ (designed for beauty) and Mosquito Magnum™ (designed for speed) are the same length, any combination of these hotends can be mounted to one carriage. So you can switch between high-flow and high-precision in the same print.

Oh yeah, and you can change the nozzle with one hand.

Are you ready to see your vision fully realized?

The Mosquito Hotend™ is only available for 1.75 mm filament at this time.


  • The heat break conducts 85% less heat into the heat sink than a typical tNickel plating on the hot block reduces radiative heat loss and prevents galling of threads
  • Compact, flat, ambidextrous form factor
  • 5 different hole mounting patterns to allow for adaptation to virtually any printer
  • Printable adapters can be created to diversify mounting options
  • The Mosquito’s tiny form factor makes it ideal for multi extrusion systems. Since the Mosquito (designed for precision) and Mosquito Magnum (designed for flow) are the same length, any combination of these hotends can be mounted to one carriage. So a typical multi-extrusion system equipped with Mosquito(s) and Mosquito Magnum(s) can switch between high-flow and high-precision extrusion in the same print. In the blink of an eye. With one-handed nozzle changes.
  • Small form factor and light mass allows for back-to-back mounting with small (14 mm) nozzle-nozzle distance
  • Small mass allows for rapid motion of the carriage

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