Amimon Connex Falcore Racing Drone with HD FPV System, Transmitter, and Battery


Product Details

    • Top Speed of 80 mph
    • CONNEX ProSight HD FPV Video Downlink
    • Aeroshell Carbon Fiber Monocoque
    • Flex Propeller Arms Dislocate On Impact
    • Toolless Motor Removal
    • F3-Based Flight Control System
    • Shield Flight Mode for Beginners
    • Automatic Stop and Land Function
    • CONNEX DRIVE 2204-2300 Motors
    • RAPTOR BlHeli 4S ESCs

    A Vessel to Transport the ProSight

    No, this isn't another installment of The NeverEnding Story, Falcore (not Falkor) is back! Connex, makers of the ProSight HD FPV system, have just introduced their first drone. The Falcore is a ready-to-fly race drone that comes complete with the Connex ProSight, a transmitter, and a 1400mAh 4s LiPo. Pricing is not yet available for this HD hotrod, but expect it to be on par with the current ProSight HD pricing, plus more. 

    Connex Falcore Features 

    • Stop & Land button automatically grants pros and beginners with a soft landing.
    • Detachable prop-guards are available as accessories for indoor racing or extra prop protection.
    • Motors arms can be quickly removed for easy packing Falcore in a small backpack – no tools required.
    • Compatible with several existing standard XT60 4s batteries
    • F3 based flight control, compatible with Cleanflighconnfrat Configurator.
    • Factory tuned locked-in PID setup and super sharp ACRO mode.




    CLICK HERE for more info on the new Connex Falcore


    Connex Falcore gaming in real life (1 min 50 sec)

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