Eachine LCD5802D 5.8G 40CH 7 Inch HD FPV Monitor with DVR Built-in Battery


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Product Details

Specification: User Manual
Brand Name: Eachine 
Item Name: LCD5802D Monitor
Screen size:7 inch
Resolution: 800*480PIX
Visual angle: 140/120 degree(horizontal/vertical)
Television system: AUTO
Sensitivity of wireless receiving: <-92dbm 15dbu="" v="" br="">Antenna connector: SMA connector
DVR video resolution: 720P
DVR: Built-in TF Card, 64G MAXvideotape, images can be acquired and recorded in real time(TF should be bought independently)
Back play support
Sound recording: Not supported
System lithium battery: 1300mA/7.4V (removable)
Automatic search signal: support
Charging interface: Micro USB (support portable source)
Standly current(6.2V-8.4V)
Working voltage: 2s 7.4V
Starting current: 980mA-740mA
Soft-offcurrent: 360mA-420mA
Hard shutdowncurrent: 0mA
Standby time: 104Min

With DVR function
5 Bands and total 40 Channels
Built-in battery , easy to carry and outdoor use
A key to automatic signal search,Simple operation
Specific PIP, screen shots
7 Inches HD LCD 800X480 Pixel
TV System AUTO
Video Resolution 720P
Micro USB online upgrade
Micro TF Card support(64G max)

Band and Channel selection

     CH      CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 CH 8
A 5865 MHZ 5845 MHZ 5825 MHZ 5805 MHZ 5785 MHZ 5765 MHZ 5745 MHZ 5725 MHZ
B 5733 MHZ 5752 MHZ 5771 MHZ 5790 MHZ 5809 MHZ 5828 MHZ 5847 MHZ 5866 MHZ
C 5705 MHZ 5685 MHZ 5665 MHZ 5645 MHZ 5885 MHZ 5905 MHZ 5925 MHZ 5945 MHZ
D 5740 MHZ 5760 MHZ 5780 MHZ 5800 MHZ 5820 MHZ 5840 MHZ 5860 MHZ 5880 MHZ
R 5658 MHZ 5695 MHZ 5732 MHZ 5769 MHZ 5806 MHZ 5843 MHZ 5880 MHZ 5917 MHZ

Package Included:  
1 x LCD5800D Monitor
1 x 5.8G Antenna
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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