FatShark Transformer HD FSV1104 Headset

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Product Details

FatShark Transformer HD Headset Bundle is a complete goggle kit with the HD monitor preinstalled into the Full Panel Viewer. 

In this configuration, the goggles enjoy the cost benefit of a single panel design but in a form and comfort factor closer to micro display type goggles. 

The patented folded optics allow both eyes to converge onto the single display in a viewer that is less than half the size of all previous single panel style headsets. A bottom mounted access panel can be opened to change the optics for different magnifications (sold separately).


  • 720p monitor with antenna diversity receiver (antennas not included)
  • HD Full Panel Viewer
  • 18650 cell Li-Ion battery holder (battery and charger not included)
  • Power extension cable
  • Screen and lens cleaning cloth

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