Foxeer Lollipop 5.8G RHCP Antenna PA1401 (2 Pack)


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Please note we are no longer selling these due to us being informed they are a direct rip off of the TrueRC Axii.

The Foxeer Lollipop and Furious FPV Big MAC both copied the AXII network however they fail to bring good swr that exacerbate circularity.

Pictures below show axii vs uxii vs foxeer and it seems the foxeer used parts sourced from the uxii.

TrueRC PCBs are made in Canada and the pcbs from china have different resin ratios so its hard to get an exact match and similar performance.

We highly recommend you buy from the innovators who develop and spend R & D making original antennas and you can be assured you will get better range & reception with the people who know and breath radio waves, not just manufacturers copying.

You can purchase and view the AXII range here