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ImpulseRC Helix Zx6 FPV Racing Frame


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 The Helix is a new breed of FPV quadcopter which integrates the design process of both the air frame and the flight electronics.


By keeping an obsessive focus on enthusiast level performance, but freeing ourselves from the need to support the vast array of third party electronics, we have created a package which offers a unique blend of performance, durability, features, ease and versatility.\ 



Helix Frame -

      • Fully chamfered, high quality carbon fiber frame
      • Grade 12.9 high tensile alloy steel and 7075 black anodised aluminium hardware
      • 30 degree FPV camera plates
      • 35 & 45 degree HD camera plates
      • Custom machined antenna clamps
      • Injection moulded ESC fairings
      • High grade natural rubber Lipo pad
      • Self adhesive foam-rubber isolation pad for the flight controller
      • Set of diamond files
      • Nylon 6 antenna tubes
      • 45 degree SMA adapter

Flight Controller -

      • Integrated high current PDB
      • STM32F3 based flight controller
      • SPI based low noise MPU6000 gyro
      • Up to 40V input BEC - 6S capable, no extra filtering
      • PPM, SBUS, Spektrum, SerialRX receiver input
      • Filtered RSSI input
      • Hardware UART telemetry output
      • 128Mbit Blackbox flash
      • Reinforced USB connector
      • Dual mirrored LED strip outputs
      • Tactile boot button
      • Integrated voltage monitoring

Video Transmtter -

      • Integrated OSD
      • Integrated microphone
      • 40 Channels
      • 25/200/500mW switchable output power
      • Power and channels selectable via OSD
      • Cascaded switching and linear regulators for ultra clean power
      • Rock solid 5V camera output
      • Hardware jumper for removing powre to module

Electrionics Extras -

      • Dual programmable RGB LED strips
      • USB to Serial adapter for flashing OSD
      • Custom cables 


Please see related items to the right.

      • FPV camera - HS1177 (top connector) or Runcam Swift/Owl
      • RC receiver - No larger than FrSky X4R-SB
      • FPV antenna - TBS Triumph
      • Motors - 2206-2306
      • ESCs - Aikon 30A orSpedix gs30


Larger ESCs will function but are not optimal!



The Helix is compact, the centre measures 34mm across and the gap between the two electronics tiers is 10mm. The FPV camera is held at a set angle by carbon plates which follow the contours of the camera to offer full protection with the minimum size and weight. The ZX5 is 200mm motor to motor and the carbon weighs 58g, the ZX6 is 230mm motor to motor and the carbon weighs 62g. Camera plates supporting 30, 45 and 60 degrees are included in every kit.

The Helix is durable, using a 2.5mm base plate and a 2mm top plate, along with the proven strength of the Warpquad arm profile in 4mm carbon. Where it's most needed in the centre section we use grade 12.9 high tensile alloy steel, elsewhere to save weight all hardware is 7075 aluminium. Durability is comparable to our Alien frames.

The Helix is easy, building the kit is simpler and more streamlined than any other frame in this class. The ESCs, Lipo, buzzer, LED strips and RC receiver all connect directly to the flight controller. The FPV camera and antenna connect directly to the VTX. The flight controller and VTX are connected by one cable for power and one for serial data.

The Helix is polished, all carbon plates are chamfered, injection moulded fairings protect your ESCs from prop strikes, custom machined aluminium clamps keep antennas secure and in the optimal position.

The Helix is precise, the flight controller is fully soft mounted, enlarged holes allow the standoffs to pass completely through to the carbon below leaving the PCB floating on a self-adhesive die cut foam rubber gasket. Isolating the flight electronics from vibrations gives the most crisp and responsive flight characteristics possible. 


The Helix is advanced, the combined PDB and flight controller offers Betaflight support on an STM32 F3 with a SPI based MPU6000 gyro. Blackbox support, direct Lipo input, LED strip outputs and a front mounted buzzer are included. The VTX is combined with an OSD and microphone as well as a rock solid 5V output for your camera. Changing between all 40 channels, as well as 25mw, 200mw and 500mw output power, is all available via menus in the OSD. LED strips and an external USB to serial adapter for flashing the OSD are all provided.

The Helix is powerful, 6S batteries are fully supported. All of the electronics provided are rated to 40V input to cope with extreme voltage spikes from high end motors and ESCs. No extra filtering or special requirements, just obscene power right out of the box.

The Helix is clean, on the VTX we used cascaded switching and linear regulators with additional filtering components. The image is crystal clear under even the most aggressive 6S flying, motor noise in your video feed is a thing of the past. The through-hole SMA connector is a tested and proven design, adding strain relief to the antenna translates any levering forces in to pulling forces where the connector is at its strongest.

The Helix is ready, the required cables between the flight controller and VTX are included, all electronics come flashed and ready to run with sensible defaults. 

Flight Videos 



Tutorial Videos



      Huge thanks to Krazy FPV for spending the time to make these tutorial videos!








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