Matek DC-DC 1S Up to 5V Voltage Booster Regulator VB2A5V



Product Details

Brand Name: Matek
Item Name: Voltage Booster
Item NO.: VB2A5V
Continuous Current: 2A @Vout=5V Input>3.3V, Max2.5A
Input Voltage: 3V - 4.2V
Output Voltage: 5V fixed
Output Current: Continuous 2A, Max 2.5A
Quiescent Dissipation: <5mA
Typical Efficiency: 90%~95%
Size:  27*15*3mm
Weight: 1.5g

Used for boosting the 1S battery to 5V, power supply for receiver.
Synchronous step-up converter.
Guaranteed 2A Output Current at VOUT = 5V from 3.3V Input
Reverse input polarity protection.
Over-temperature protection.

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