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Prusa MK3 Printable Part Replacements in PETG


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Style: adapter-printer.stl

  • adapter-printer.stl
  • adapter-printer-mmu2s.stl
  • cable-holder.stl
  • Einsy-base.stl
  • Einsy-doors.stl
  • Einsy-hinges.stl
  • extruder-body.stl
  • Extruder-cable-clip.stl
  • extruder-cover.stl
  • extruder-idler.stl
  • extruder-idler-mmu2s.stl
  • extruder-motor-plate.stl
  • fan-shroud.stl
  • fs-cover.stl
  • fs-cover-mmu2s.stl
  • fs-lever.stl
  • Heatbed-cable-clip.stl
  • Heatbed-cable-clip_for_8mm_sleeve.stl
  • heatbed-cable-cover.stl
  • heatbed-cable-cover_8mm_sleeve.stl
  • heatbed-cable-cover-no-screw.stl
  • heatbed-cable-cover-no-screw_8mm_sleeve.stl
  • ir-sensor-cover-mmu2s.stl
  • ir-sensor-holder-mmu2s.stl
  • LCD-cover-ORIGINAL-MK3.stl
  • LCD-knob.stl
  • lcd-supports.stl
  • plug-aligner
  • print-fan-support.stl
  • psu-cover-DELTA.stl
  • PSU-cover-MK3.stl
  • raspberry_cover.stl
  • rpi-zero-frame.stl
  • Spool-holder.stl
  • x-carriage.stl
  • x-carriage-back.stl
  • x-end-idler.stl
  • x-end-motor.stl
  • y-belt-holder.stl
  • y-belt-idler.stl
  • y-belt-tensioner.stl
  • y-motor-holder.stl
  • y-rod-holder.stl
  • z-axis-bottom.stl
  • z-axis-top.stl
  • z-screw-cover.stl
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Have you broken a 3D printed part your Prusa and need it reprinted ASAP? You've come to the right place!

Select the part required. Please also put in the comments what PETG colour you would like it. If you do not specify we will print BLACK by default. We can print any of the Prusament PETG colours listed here.

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