Many people ask why we aren't stocking the new DJI HD gear.

Since we started in FPV in 2016 I've had my fair few run-ins with DJI, DJI distributors, and their products.

To give you a bit of background. DJI is rumored to take Distributors on in the following way. Hand over a truckload of CASH. Let's say 200k. This gives you a distributor "license fee" of their products and initiates you as a Country Distributor. This also gives you great margins (some say 50-60%?) and possibly your first shipment of goods.

Now currently in Australia, this is EEHOBBIES, Rise above and possibly others.

So if you want to resell DJI in Australia, you have to go to these companies to get stock.

Now let's get to the points of why I won't ever resell again.


Back when the Mavic was first launched, Rise above, myself, and many others opened preorders, just like DJI themselves. We had LOTS. DJI and distributors were promising stock arrivals in December/January. Yet month after month, no stock came. The stock finally came in APRIL. However during this time, JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH - DJI was selling DIRECT. Yes, directr. In stock and shipping SAME day from DJIs website. Now of course customers aren't stupid. They canceled all their local preorders, and bought direct.

Ethically, just on this point, I can't ever trust DJI or buy from them again. Screwing over your dealers and selling direct after you've promised stock to them? No thanks.

2. The Profit Margin does not exist after the HYPE.

When DJI release a product, the hype is real. Customers will also pay the RRP and preorder and stock is hard to source. Now let's assume you can get stock (see point 1) If you can sell this stock within the hype period you will make your profit. If you don't and you have that stock 4-8 weeks later when EVERYONE has stock, say goodbye to any profit. The profit margin is only 15-20% anyway.

Background: There is a "Chinese" local discount. If you are family or Chinese, generally you will get a 10-15% discount on top of what Westerns can buy for. 

After this hype period, Grey imports are RIFE. You can buy at prices on eBay from people selling from China at the Australia reseller cost price. 

Now, what about DJI FPV - In light of those facts above I think there is some extras worth noting.

DJI only cares about product turnover.

DJI does not care for FPV in the slightest as a Hobby. You see many people on Youtube mention this but not many explain why this is.

DJI is a Chinese driven numbers game. They put all this R & D into HD FPV. They are expecting to sell so many units.

When that number is not reached, there will be no more R & D. They will give up and move on just like CONNEX did.

I do not believe DJI FPV has a future.

I must buy from distributors who know nothing about FPV or the product.


DJI has sent me numerous emails to stock DJI FPV. When asked, they ask me to buy from EE HOBBIES or RISEABOVE. Both have no stock, and will only order them in when I pay for it, and if I do, I'm then expected to get support from them when they don't know much about FPV or use the products themselves?