Tinyhawk Freestyle 2

If you are after the previous Tinyhawk Freestyle, view it here.

There are some great features in the Tinyhawk Freestyle 2
  1. Standard on the Tinyhawk II platform is the Runcam Nano 2 which brings a whole new clarity to the drone. Our previous model used a standard board-style camera but the Nano 2 has greatly improved the FPV feed for a premium experience.
  2. Also on all new Tinyhawk II products is a new and improved VTX (video transmitter). Now with improved 25mw transmission, 100mw, and 200mw, people can now fly further than ever with more confidence.
  3. Brand new frame design, featuring a fully adjustable camera tilt and two-tone digital fade screen printing design. Now you can go from zero to full tilt and everything in between with adjustment of the 2 side camera mount screws.
  4. Featuring our tried and true 1103 7500kv motors with the 2.5 inch AVAN Rush propellers, we are able to get a powerful, yet smooth drone while still retaining flight time.
  5. Utilizes a Carbon Fiber frame for minimum vibration and strength while using a re-structured camera mount for 14x14 camera options.