I'm new to drones - Level 1: Cheap and Fun

We talk to lots of people who want to start flying but find it hard to know where to begin. So we've made step by step guides, based around the budget you want to spend and how hands-on you're keen to get. You've found level 1 - Cheap and Fun. This sweet little drone is the perfect place to start and makes a great gift. Click here if you're after something different.  


Total cost: under $200
Total time: less than 10 minutes set up
Experience required: none.


 What you get 

This video is a bit long but a great overview of what this drone can do. Skip to 12 minutes 30 seconds to see what it can do, and if you skip to 16 minutes you can see what the pilot sees through his goggles. It feels like flying :)


What to buy

You'll need a drone, goggles, batteries, and a charger. Here's what we recommend:

1. This Mini Drone with transmitter - $69

2. These basic goggles - $62.95

Note: these goggles will work with this drone but if you plan to continue in the hobby and want to upgrade your drone later, you may prefer to start out by getting these better goggles which will work with this drone but also give you more options in the future.

That's the basics, and if that's all you get you'll have a blast for about $130.

However we strongly recommend also getting extra batteries. Each battery will give you about 4-5 minutes flight time. The drone comes with 1 battery, so most people find they have more fun if they have a few extra batteries so they can just swap it out and keep flying. You can buy additional batteries for $9 each. The drone comes with a single charger, but if you have several batteries its worth having this multi-charger ($10). Again, you don't NEED these but we think they make it much more enjoyable. Here's what we'd recommend:

3. 6 Batteries plus free multi-charger - $52

Total cost: $184


How to do it

We're planning to put a guide of our own up here, but in the meantime this video (the same as the one above) is actually a very good overview of how to take this from in the box to in the air. It should give you the basics, and if you have any questions give us a call!