Drone Art AEON Carbon Frame Plate


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NOTE -  This Frame Kit only includes the CARBON PLATE. You need to purchase separately the AEON POD/Hardware kit.

The AEON series of the frame was designed from the very beginning stages to be one of the lightest and strongest frames on the market. Fine-tuned to the nth degree for performance the AEON UL12, UL16, and HD all have their place in the family to fit the needs of each builder. Experience all details about the revolutionary AEON here.

Size (Diagonal) 190 mm
Frame Thickness 4 mm
Weight UL12: 26 g, UL16: 32 g, AEON HD: 39 g
Hardware 7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
POD Material Polycarbonate



The AEON is a lightweight and rigid unibody airframe. With its central X structure at the core, any force from impact is consistently spread across the entire design. There was a no compromise focus in our quest of the design but also in finding the best carbon sheets available to cut from. Tested by respected pilots, the design of the AEON has been proven flight after flight and crash after crash.

680x402 aeon center lipo strap chamfer edge - AEON Carbon Frame


Not just another mass produced frame, you’ll notice and feel the difference the moment the AEON frame is in your grip. The plain twill carbon with 0-90 degree uni-fibre layup runs length-ways down each arm, maximizing the strength of the carbon and arms. Each frame is machined with a bit that had to be custom ordered to meet the specifications of the cutting process. Once cut the edges are finished with a slight chamfer and each frame is hand cleaned and polished, giving an amazing smooth as silk feel.

680x402 aeon chamfer - AEON Carbon Frame


With 3 frames to the AEON series, you’ve got all the options you need.

  • The UL12 (Ultra Light) is one of the smallest and lightest frames on the market to run 5” props. Combined with mounting for 1407/F20II motors creates an incredibly light setup!
  • The UL16 is the bigger brother with a lot of the same features, but built to handle motors with a 16×16 (or 19) design.
  • The HD (Heavy Duty) has widened arms to allow standard ESC’s if you choose and a 16×16 4 screw mount for the motors. Even as the weightiest frame of the series it still comes in under 40g.
  • Frame support for standard 30.5 mm X 30.5 mm stack.
680x402 aeon series comparision - AEON Carbon Frame


The AEON series offers some of the very lightest frames you’ll find anywhere. Anytime we throw our AEON builds on the scales everyone is usually in disbelief. With an extreme focus on the lightweightness of the design and paired with our POD that comes in under 6 grams, be prepared for the opportunity to build one of the lightest designs ever brought to market.

RC aeon Frame 01 OK 600x355 - AEON Carbon Frame
Includes 1x Carbon Plate ONLY